In recent years more and more clients are now requesting that we contract-grow trees in spring rings for various projects. If it is apparent from an early stage that a project will require summer planting, early planning allow us to contract grow the exact requirements for that project in spring rings, so that the trees are available in perfect condition for planting as soon as the site is ready.

summary of benefits of Spring Ring Trees


  • Year Round Availability
    Large trees are available for all year round planting, no need to wait for the winter planting season to complete a project
  • Plant in good soil conditions
    No need for planting in bad conditions in winter
  • Excellent root system
    Very fibrous root system which promotes strong healthy growth
  • Easy to handle
    Because a peat based growing medium is used the root-ball is much lighter that a traditional soil root-ball
  • Ease of planting
    No difficult removal of pots or bags
  • No failures and No Transplanting Stress
    The trees are actively growing at planting time and the roots are not disturbedm therefore the trees establish quickly
  • Instant Impact
    Because trees can be planted in full leaf the client will see the effect immediately


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